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The Wedge-Tailed Eagle

The wedge-tailed eagle or bunjil is the largest bird of prey found in Australia, and it is also found in parts of Papua New Guinea, southern New Guinea, and even Indonesia. The Wedge-tailed Eagle can be found from sea level to mountainous alpine regions. However, they prefer

The Fearsome Oceanic White Tipped Shark

Blamed for hundreds of deaths over the course of recorded history, welcome the fearsome oceanic white tipped shark. These sharks are known for attacking humans by first bumping them then attacking. As formidable as they are though, they are also at risk of extinction due to

The Venomous Western Brown Snake

The western brown snake or gwardar, is a species of very fast and highly venomous elapid snake native to western Australia. The name gwardar means “go the long way around” in Aboriginal language. Presumably, this name is a wise advisory to keep clear of this snake. Western brown

The Bizarre Looking Hammerhead Shark

There are 9 known species of hammerhead shark. They range in size, with the great hammerhead shark being the largest. They are all dangerous and capable of inflicting a painful damaging bite! There have been no recorded deaths though due to a hammerhead shark bite to

Have a Bite with a Mulga Snake

The mulga snake is the heaviest venomous snake in Australia and also has the largest venom yield of any snake in the world! You’ll find these deadly serpents throughout Australia, except in Victoria, Tasmania and the most southern parts of Western Australia. So not only are they deadly