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Critter Science at the Tucson Pet Expo

Don’t miss your chance to see Critter Science’s Scott Robinson at the Tucson Pet Expo!

I’ll be attending a booth with some groovy animals and doing a 30 minute stage presentation as well. There are lots of neat things to see at the expo and loads to do. This will be the final appearance at this expo.

Critter Man

With over 40 years of critter experience to my credit and hundreds of zoology teaching hours to people around the world, I have amassed not only a continuing thirst for critter knowledge but a desire to teach others all I can about the majesty and wonder of our natural world. Critter Science is a culmination of such knowledge.I have hands on as well as book acquired intel on all kinds of critters. Whether they're on land, sea, or air.I will never say that I know everything about all animals. That's impossible, even for a savant. But, that being said, ask me any animal question and I'll answer it. If I don't know the answer, I'll get an answer for you!Let it be said that I have been oft times accused of loving animals more than I love people. I can neither confirm nor deny this.

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