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Lowland Streaked Tenrec

The lowland streaked tenrec lives in Madagascar and grows to be no more than 6

inches or so in length. Feeding mostly on earthworms and other insects, the streaked tenrec protects itself from predators with sharp barbed spines that grow out with its fur.

It is active during day and night, primarily feeding on insects. Most Tenrecs possess a long snout for poking around in the ground to find their food. They are also capable of eating worms and fruits. Some species of Tenrecs live in water and eat small fish and even frogs.

TenrecBreeding takes place during October to December and possibly at other times, depending upon local food supply and temperature. The gestation period lasts 58 days, and the female gives birth to usually between 5 and 8 young. The young are weaned at 18 to 25 days.

The streaked tenrec lives in long, shallow burrows which are usually occupied by family groups.

Critter Man

With over 41 years of critter experience to my credit and hundreds of zoology teaching hours to people around the world, I have amassed not only a continuing thirst for critter knowledge but a desire to teach others all I can about the majesty and wonder of our natural world. Critter Science is a culmination of such knowledge. I have hands on as well as book acquired intel on all animals. Whether they be land, sea, or air. Let be said that I have been oft times accused of loving animals more than I love people. I can neither confirm nor deny this.

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