Critter Science

The Science of Critters

A Born Zoologist

Scott “Critter Man” Robinson

With over 41 years of critter experience to my credit and hundreds of zoology teaching hours to people around the world, I have amassed not only a continuing thirst for critter knowledge but a desire to teach others all I can about the majesty and wonder of our natural world. Critter Science is a culmination of such knowledge. I have hands on as well as book acquired intel on all animals. Whether they be land, sea, or air. Let be said that I have been oft times accused of loving animals more than I love people. I can neither confirm nor deny this. And while I would never claim to know everything about every animal, I will find out and report to you any question you ask about all critters.

I previously owned and operated the world famous Ecto Critterz. I would travel all over and teach people of all ages about exotic animals, zoology as a whole, and environmental sustainability. I did this for many years and eventually closed the company to focus more on family. But that critter bug never left me. So, I started Critter Science. This way I can still teach people about critters and spend time with my family.

I have a lovely, amazing, and supportive wife, 5 kids, 2 dogs, a cat, and a tortoise. We travel to Minnesota each year and to California as well to visit family and friends. We hike, bike, play, and enjoy each other as a family. Life is good!